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Here you can read news about what's going on in the innovation program Xperience Next. 

Folkhav på en konsert i mörkret
Bild på människor framför en foodtruck

Become an intelligent and sustainable destination through data-driven decision-making

Data contributes to unique insights - not only about your business for you as an individual business, but for your industry, your geographic location or your entire destination. Insights lead to better understanding of customer behavior and purchasing power - and understanding leads to more accurate decisions. On Tuesday 21 February, Xperience Next is organizing a hybrid seminar on how you, your business, your industry and your destination can take the step into data-driven development and deeper insights into people's behaviour.
Animerade och tecknade avatarer tittar in i kameran

What if the computer does the images from now on?

Xperience Next zooming in on Artificial Intelligence and Image Production, in a seminar on December 6. We have gathered a lot of virtual packages under the christmas tree. Warm welcome to network and embrace the cool insights into the latest creative expressions.
Flera människor sitter i en konferens och lyssnar

Looking into the future of conferences

In what format will we professionally meet in the future? Will the concept 'conference room' take on a new meaning? And how should the meeting industry face the future digital transformation? Xperience Next has together with Leif Denti, University of Gothenburg written a prestudy of the topic. Download and read further.
Grupp människor poserar för bild

First step to establish the international research program

Researchers at School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg have started a European network with a focus on tourism and experiences. Finding collaborations with the industry is an important part and Xperience Next at Lindholmen Science Park AB is on board.
Grupp med människor poserar för en bild

New partnership in Norway signed

Xperience Next is now a proud program partner with Halden municipality, Norway. They have a clear objective - Halden Municipality shall be Norway's most innovative municipality and together we want to reach this objective and vision.