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Projects and initiatives

Together, we identify challenges and start collaborative projects, generate new insights, tools, methods and business models to run tomorrow's businesses more successfully, today.

A big digital screen screening digital art in playful colurs and shapes. In the room there are crowds of people who admire the art work.

Provide your pitch! We are looking for projects that are within the experience industry, new thinking, strong sustainable focus and creating cooperation between several businesses. Download the Xperience Next project pitch form for more information.

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Building Investment Lab in a Digital Twin

Project Kållandsö – We are building a digital twin boosted with a game engine filled with transaction data from businesses on the island. Then, we'll start to play with the future.
Fotbolls supportrar håller upp halsdukar på arena

Measuring Economic Values in the Experience Industry through Big Data

Project Tourism Agenda – Exploring the digital opportunities of the future to develop sustainable experiences and infrastructure, and at the same time increase your competitiveness.
Hav av folk i en konferenslokal

Looking into the future of how we will meet in a professional context

Prestudy Professional Meetings – We wanted to explore and know more about the transformation of the meeting industry. Leif Denti at University of Gothenburg has written a prestudy on the topic.
Kvinna står i en digital labyrint

Increase the experience of the Gothenburg Opera House. New possibilities will be explored with visualization.

Prestudy Operaverse – Extending the opera house of Gothenburg to an immersive environment. What will you see? Where do you want to go? What if you can go behind the scene?