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Technical shifts in sports

torsdag, mars 30, 2023

Sports events contribute and create power, events and infrastructure to a city, region and country. But sports need to strengthen their digital muscles. Do you have ideas for technical possibilities? Do you want to be a test bed for the latest technology? Then we are here as the innovation arena - here we explore, test and find innovative results through projects.

On Friday 24 March, Xperience Next organized an exclusive seminar and a master's meeting about the digital muscles of the sports world. Speakers are an alpine Olympic champion and insights from Sweden's leading exercise race. "Combining the digital solutions with the industry' strategies - it's exciting. Sports is a test market. This is where many of the extreme situations arise.” says Staffan Movin, chairman of Swedish Mass Participation and Sport Event Association (In Swedish: Svenska Motionslopp och Idrottsevenemang)

Sports' digital muscles are many and span many areas – everything from manufacturing, business development, the spectator's experience and identity. We see the importance of working with change, sustainability and the common challenges of sport.

The video is from our seminar in March about the digital muscles of sport, when we had the honor of having Anja Pärson, alpine Olympic champion and Staffan Movin as speakers. The seminar was organized together with Got Event AB and Swedish Mass Participation and Sport Event Association (In Swedish: Svenska Motionslopp och Idrottsevenemang).