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Accelerates the Sustainable Experience Industry with Digitalization, Business Development and Technology



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Xperience Next is an innovation platform and dynamic meeting place for digitalization, business development and technology that will enforce the transformation of the sustainable experience industry. With Lindholmen Science Park as a base, we facilitate and create cross-sector projects within culture, sports and tourism that generate value for society.

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Tourism mobility: Innovative trends and challenges

Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park, Lindholmspiren 3-5
What does a fossil-free destination look like? Is it possible? When is it possible, perhaps already today? If so, what do the business models look like?
Anja Pärson

Technical shifts in sports

Sports events contribute and create power, events and infrastructure to a city, region and country. But sports need to strengthen their digital muscles. Do you have ideas for technical possibilities? Do you want to be a test bed for the latest technology? Then we are here as the innovation arena - here we explore, test and find innovative results through projects.
Två personer går runt med VR glasögon på sig bland konstverk

Sharing webinar - update from Xperience Next

Anna Laurin from Xperience Next presented the innovation program at a webinar of Turistrådet Västsverige online. She also presented two pilot projects. One where you can model the future with the help of gamification and the second one, where you create experiences with the help of digital dimensions for new audiences before, during and after a performance. Click to reach the recorded session.

It is about making experiences available for all and in new ways. We want to explore what is possible and move the knowledge of how sustainable consumption can be created within the framework of the planetary boundaries.

Malin Berge, Senior Vice President, Sustainability Innovation Lead, Mastercard

Event, people looking towards a screen

Events, seminars and workshops

Explore new horizons of NFTs, the future of conferences & meetings and find out new digital ways of packaging customized experiences. Xperience Next opens up new perspectives and promote sharing between cross-sector stakeholders.

During the inauguration of the Xperience Next program, September 1 we took the opportunity to interview some of our partners to share their insights and perspective of the experience industry. Click and view.

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Building Investment Lab in a Digital Twin

Project Kållandsö – We are building a digital twin boosted with a game engine filled with transaction data from businesses on the island. Then, we'll start to play with the future.
Fotbolls supportrar håller upp halsdukar på arena

Measuring Economic Values in the Experience Industry through Big Data

Project Tourism Agenda – Exploring the digital opportunities of the future to develop sustainable experiences and infrastructure, and at the same time increase your competitiveness.

Do you want to partner up in a project that explore the near future in the experience industry?

Xperience Next is the unique junction between innovation, possibilities, creativity and tech. This is where new opportunities are explored in order to accelerate the transformation to future requirements concerning CO2-neutrality, inclusiveness, growth ... Do you want to join our community?