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Building Investment Lab in a Digital Twin

We are building a digital twin boosted with a game engine filled with transaction data from businesses on the island. Then, we'll start to play with the future.

Läckö slott

In this full-scale experiment, a destination's attractiveness and carrying capacity depends on its ability to create a sustainable symbiosis between many different parts: experience, accommodation, food, culture etc. The Project Kållandsö explores destination development in several stages with the help of a digital twin. In this first project, we have loaded the twin with a game generator programmed with consumption data from the local businesses.

We create a "game" where entrepreneurs can experiment with different variables and see how they affect each other: "What if ... I build 100 parking spaces for motorhomes here..." "What if ... 10 more families signed up for room rental and increase the access to prolong the visit on the island ..."

Our thesis is that Kålleverse, which we call the digital mirror of Kållandsö, will help the local industry think like national economists and build a smart and sustainable destination together.

The project's objective is to strengthen competitiveness and drive digital transformation for the local small and medium-sized companies.

Två kvinnor äter frukost och pratar med varandra

Photo: Tina Stafren

Man som ler, i bakgrunden syns en dator med Xperience Nexts hemsida

We look forward to putting a game engine to work to innovate in a bounded destination like Kållandsö, and try a future technology that meets a historical cultural heritage.

Trond-Atle Bokerød, CEO, mTabs

Opera med två personer som slåss med svärd

Through digital technology, we can develop context and opportunities together. This will be an innovative collaborative project to develop a strong destination. Experience industry players from meals, activities, accommodation and mobility are all involved in this project.

Jan Malmgren, CEO, Stiftelsen Läckö Slott.

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We are very happy to be involved in building the digital development of the future for the experience industry

Mille Örnmark, CEO, We GROUP


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Photos: Ulf Fabiansson, Joakim Öhrn, Daniel Strandroth.