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What can AI do for museums? When does a journey start? Can Metaverse open for deeper relations to a traditional event? What is the value of climate neutrality? Xperience Next opens up new perspectives and promotes sharing between stakeholders from all parts of society.

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Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park, Lindholmspiren 3, Göteborg
Hav av folk i en konferenslokal

Challenge: Meetings and conferences of the future

How we will meet in 2027. How will we work in the larger forms of meetings in the future? Will the...
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv poster, "tourism in Transit. the picture is a illustration with the event titel, date, place and illustrations of road maps.

Tourism in Transit

3-day event in the non-stop city of Tel Aviv that will tackle the areas of new technologies &...
Lindholmen Science Park
People in a crowd walking on a conference floor.

Lindholmen Open Day

On the 22nd of September Xperience Next will do a presentation on the event Lindholmen Open Day.
Norra Latin Conference Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.
Speaker on stage!

European Running Business Conference

European Running Business conference is of the most successful gatherings of running industry...