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Inspiration from the Cutting Edge of Performing Arts

måndag, juni 17, 2024

Digitalisation can enhance everything from idea generation, research, design, marketing, and relationship building to distribution, archiving, and new revenue streams. However, Sweden lacks a clear platform for digital innovation within the performing arts. Instead, exploration takes place "behind the scenes," driven by passionate individuals interested in new possibilities. Xperience Next has brought together some of these individuals in the seminar "Inspiration from the Cutting Edge of Performing Arts" which showcases exciting digital initiatives from across the nation.

The live webinar is in Swedish and has a total duration of 180 minutes. The webinar took place March 27, 2024. Moderator is Anna Wennblad, Program Lead, Xperience Next. You can easily find the various presentations using the timestamps. 

Block 1 - Inspiration from the Cutting Edge of Performing Arts

- 3:49 Key Note Speaker: Åsa Edgren, Cirkus Cirkör, provides context for the day. 
- 14:38 Gorki Glaser Müller, director, discusses the technical challenges in the production of "Bränder" at Malmö Stadsteater. 
- 31:12 Mindy Drapsa, Riksteatern Crea, showcases their sign language-speaking avatar. 

Block 2 - Strategy and skills management

- 50:16 Linda Zachrison, Göteborg Stadsteater, describes the core of the "Cultural Restart" investigation. 
- 1:01:36 Charlie Nelson Prag, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, talks about how Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm is working with AI. 
- 1:14:41 Peter Hiltunen, Kulturakademin, speaks on skills management. 

Block 3 - Three cases and an EU project

- 1:29:03 Liv Aira, Invisible People Contemporary Dance Company, shares their work on a connected stage for dance production, with specific expertise in indigenous dance culture. - 1:46:27 Eva Essvik, GöteborgsOperan, talks about their digital foyer and the AI performance "Sandvargen." 
- 1:58:53 Helena Bunker and Adam Potrykis run the Stockholm Fringe Festival, which they aim to future-proof with the support of a Metaverse. 
- 2:11:30 Anna Laurin, Xperience Next, Lindholmen Science Park, present their application to Creative Europe to accelerate collaboration between the Art and Tech sectors in Europe. 

Block 4 - Accelerating Power to the Performing Arts

- 2:30:18 Gunnar Eriksson, Film&TV program at Lindholmen Science Park, share the vision statement of the creative sector.
- 2:34:19 Aspeboda Science Club is a youth science club that has won Lego's tech competition for young innovators. This year's theme was performing arts.